Mexican artists in residence

Three graduates from UABJO (the University of Oaxaca Benito Juarez) hosted in Reading, supported by MERL (the Museum of English Rural Life).

Two artists selected through a public open call based in London, with studio spaces provided through UAL at Chelsea and Wimbledon art colleges.

Max Ortiz Mejia (UABJO) – painting and photography


Objectives: Using the MERL archive, researching the relationship between the photographed image and image painted from the main foods in the UK. Use close up photographic observations of foods to develop a series of paintings.

Susana Cuevas (UABJO) – photography and scientific research

Aim: Respond to archives at the Museum of English Rural Life and introduction from First Food. I want to broaden my understanding of food types in the UK to create a comparison between urban and rural produce. Learn about the cultivation, production and consumption of foods through consultation literature and specialists at the MERL. Focus on flowers-bees-fruit-honey.

Yoshie Domínguez (UABJO) – printing

"I propose to make prints of the historical and social context of essential nutrients  in the UK from the artistic point of view: the history of food, its current status, its influence on everyday life, their influence on art and the effect of climate change on essential foods in the UK. I will focus on dairy production"

Chucho Caza – photography (https://chuchocaza.wordpress.com/)


"My research is based on observing and making visual notes, with the aim of reaching a piece in which sensations and feelings are expressed in a visual way, either through a series constructed scenarios in images.  The research begins from the moment you arrive at the place and time work is ongoing and constant. I will be focusing on London's food culture, specifically the cultural diversity and contrast." 

Victor Nicolas Bobadilla – painting

Intention: to show the relation between a staple food and the identity of a region, even a nation, and how it becomes a token of ideas, qualities and character of the people from the region it is produced . Working on the idea of barley as a symbol of sacrifice and rebirth. Looking at British folklore and literature.