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Dangerous Don Mezcal


London Launch

Bateman Gallery, Soho

March 2017

First Food Residency lead artist Anna Bruce curated an exhibition of artwork to accompany the launch of the world's first coffee infused mezcal, branded by Thea Cumming.


The work was selected from Oaxaca based artists who have previously engaged with FFR.


The theme of the exhibition was mezcal, a Mexican spirit distilled from the agave cactus. 

Anna wrote:

"Speaking with Thea it was clear we were on the same wave-length when it came to mezcal and Mexico. Not only did we want to share it with our friends in England, but we hoped that appreciation would extend back to Mexico and the people we met there. Engaging artists from Oaxaca to show their work here in London is a wonderful way in which to do this. I was honoured to be in a position where I could reach out to the artists showing in the Dangerous Don launch." 

Mezcal brands have always supported First Food Residency exhibitions, so it was great to support the growth of this vital spirit in the UK market.

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