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British artists in residence



Claire Price 

Claire is a visual artist with a postgraduate from the Royal Drawing School in London. Her background is an undergraduate degree in History from the University of Oxford, with a specialism in Mexican society at the time of the conquest. She has exhibited around the UK and undertaken residencies in Scotland and Italy. She is exploring food packaging in relation to Oaxaca's folk and religious art, presenting drawings as well as re-appropriated everyday objects associated with food.



Fernando Laposse 

Fernando’s practice focuses on experimentation with readily available materials. When he first arrived at CaSa he began working with lime and maize to create a material he could sculpt with. As well as using the maize itself for making objects, he has also used corn husks to create a texture for a laser-cut surface using patterns found in snake skin as the inspiration for the design - referencing quetzacotl, the god described as bringing maize to man.


When Fernando completed the residency he took the work he produced and exhibit it at the Mexcio City Internation art fair, Zona MACO. 



Sebastian Hau-Walker

Sebastian H.W. (MX/UK) is a live artist based in London. His practice lies between theatre, performance art and time-based media. He has developed projects around the UK, Germany, Italy and the USA. Sebastian is a graduate from Dartington College of Arts, an associate artist of ]performance s p a c e [ and a studio artist with ACME. Blended from his artistic research on residency at CaSa exploring his personal, cultural and ancestral identity, to the pre- and post-colonial history of cocoa between Mexico and the UK, Sebastian will exhibit an interactive installation comprised of video works, live intervention, ephermal sculptures, and hot chocolate.



Olivia Stewart-Liberty

Olivia will be exhibiting poetry as embroidered textiles, exploring the idea of WANT, both her own personal wants, and those she feels around her. ‘Rabbit’ is a key manifestation of WANT - who becomes deified, yet eventually destroyed through wanting. Olivia also read some of her poems during the exhibition opening.




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