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Stephen Chambers RA

For the UK in Mexico Residency 2016 we facilitated an exchange for British artist Stephen Chambers RA.

He was accommodated at the studios of Oaxacan artist Guillermo Olguien, right in the heart of Oaxaca City. In turn Guillermo will also be taking part in the residency, in the UK, 2017.

Stephen is famous for his large scale prints, often using unorthodox techniques. While in Oaxaca with FFR, he explored the markets for natural objects to use in his print making. Stephen was also inspired by the opportunity to work with cochineal, a small bug that grows on nopal cacti, used in food colouring and natural dyes. 

Stephen was also working towards a show in Venice a the time of the 2017 Biennale.To support this work, he used some of his time in Mexico to develop portraits for the show, capturing some of the strong characteristics of the people he saw around him.

First Food Residency would like to thank the British Council, Mexico, for funding the flights for Stephen to complete the stage of the project. 

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