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Artists talk and Q & A at the Royal Drawing School, London


Left to Right: 

Roque Reyes Mendoza, Jesus Gonzalez, Israel de la Paz, Polina Porras, Antonia Bruce, Sofia Galindo, Marcos Hiram Rojas, Anna Bruce, Mario Castellanos


Photo: Roger Alarcon

The First Food Residency is an artists exchange between Mexico and the UK, initiated by Antonia and Anna Bruce in 2014. The focus of the residency is to build a creative dialogue between the two countries. The residency is open to artists from all disciplines, who are based in Mexico or the UK. Artists in residence are invited to research 'essential foods' from their host country, and are encouraged to meet and work with local people and other artists.


Debates around food sustainability are taking a grip alongside climate change, and educational institutions are starting to include relevant studies in the curriculum. This is an opportune moment to take a creative look at the first seeds, where they started and what they are now, in shape, form, influence and how they fit into our lives, at a real and symbolic level.


The First Food Artist Residency is proud to have been an official project of the Mex/UK dual year and sponsored by Arts Council England





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